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Vector Map Format CXF Specification
Coordinates eXport Format 3.0

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CXF Commands
Section Command Parameter(s) Description
File identifierCX10version 1.0
File identifierCX20version 2.0 and higher
File identifierCXTFversion 3.0 and higher
Header$2 or 3coordinates dimensionality
Header?nameinternal file title
HeaderAnameauthor's name
HeaderCnamecompany's name
HeaderCRtextcopyright note
Headerununits definition, see table
Headervv1 v2file version : major minor
Settings!* * *print-media settings
Settings%zstartup zoom factor
SettingsAI* * *Adobe Illustrator export settings
Settingsb#bbggrrbackground color definition colors
SettingsDx ydimensions directionsdimensions
SettingsIn nameindex definition
ReferencesGleft top right bottom rotation show pathimage overlay
ReferencesIMGleft top right bottom rotation show pathimage overlay (deprecated)
Body#namegroup title (inactive group)
Body*namegroup title (active group)
Body+nameprevious point name
Body-* * *element properties
Body<uid nameusage of re-usable group as group
Body>uid nameusage of file/folder/group as element
Body@namegroup title (re-usable group)
Bodyc#bbggrrline color definition colors
Bodydx ywidth/height image or map dimensions
Bodyf#bbggrrfilling color definition colors
BodyFid parent status namefolder path
Bodyhx yheight point at position [x,y]
BodyHx ysummit point at position [x,y]
Bodyinindex usage
BodyLx ylast point in a line
Bodylx yline from previous point to position [x,y]
BodyMnIndex usage
Bodymx ysingle point at position [x,y]
Bodyn* * *label for previous element
BodyOx yorigin (of a group, folder, or project)
Bodyox yimage or map origin
Bodypx ystart point of a polygon at position [x,y]
Bodyqx ystart point of an inner polygon at position [x,y]
BodyRvrotation (of a group, folder, or project)
Bodysx ystart point at position [x,y]
BodySvscaling (of a group, folder, or project)
BodySYMx y i pathsymbol
BodysymnameUsage of a symbol
Bodytnline thickness in units
BodyTtextline of comment text
Bodywnline thickness in pixels (width)
BodyXuid pathexternal file reference
Bodyzb1x b1y b2x b2y x yanchors for bezier curve from the previous point
Body§id parent status namefolder path (deprecated)
TypefacelettercharactervalueTypeface letter definition (group)
TypefaceletterheightheightTypeface letter height
TypefaceletterwidthwidthTypeface width of the respective letter
TypefacespacewidthwidthTypeface width of the space charcter
TypefacetypefacenameTypeface definition
Anywhere;textthe semicolon starts a comment line
Anywherex* * *extra information
Anywhere~textthe tilde character starts a comment line

* * * means a varying number of parameters

colors definition syntax
c #ccaaffsingle color value hex, instead of '#' you can also use '$'
c #cc #aa #ffbgr color values hex
c 13413119single color value dec
c 204 170 255bgr color values dec

dimensions definition syntax
D 1 1left-to-right, top-to-bottom (default)
D -1 1right-to-left, top-to-bottom
D 1 -1left-to-right, bottom-to-top
D -1 -1right-to-left, bottom-to-top