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Vector Map Format CXF : CXeditor


The application to manage CX files is the CXeditor, the current version of which is 3.0
Originally designed to create verctor maps it is also usable to design any kind of vector image.
The vector images can be exported to various, more commonly used file formats, such as *.ai, *.xaml, *.svg, *.emf, *.kml, and html5.

The application is not yet available for public download.

CXeditorCXeditor when started
CXeditorCXeditor with a CX-project loaded (map of Middle-earth)
CXeditorProject properties dialog

The CXeditor will also be able to manage heightmaps (*.hmp).

CX Format info (incomplete).

Vector Map Format CXF : data model

CX data model
Abstract classes with blue nodes.